BM Detox Treatment

Bárbara Moraes, a physiotherapist, holistic therapist and health coach specialized in detoxification, has been studying the Ionic Feet Detox Machine for two and a half years. Throughout clinical practice and her knowledge on the matter, she has managed to discover numerous treatments and prevention possibilities that can be reached through this therapy.

BM Detox, Barbara Moraes’ feet detoxification method is a treatment that, as it detoxifies your body from heavy metals toxins and fat, also obtains a diagnosis on how your body works. It analyses the way your organs are balanced and finds out how to rebalance your energy. The benefits of this method are infinite. They begin from your health, go through your aesthetic condition and all the way to your life quality. Through these two and a half years of studies and practice, incredible results were reached.

Nowadays it is known that the individual has to be treated as a whole. Barbara Moraes has understood that solving any issue has to be treated according to its main cause.

An intoxicated organism cannot fully function, even if the issue is external, without an internal balance. Results can still be obtained, but just for a short period of time and without the effects that could have been reached with internal balance.

We can now understand how important it is to clean up in order to obtain results. We need to detoxify ourselves in order to treat pathologies, to start a re-educational or weight loss process, to treat aesthetic disorders, to detoxify after continuous use of medicines, to help quit smoking, to rebalance chakras and to treat many other issues such as insomnia, migraine, libido and increased immunity.

Barbara Moraes wants to share this whole knowledge with as many people as possible, in order to make them know the importance of detoxification.
The big difference between her method and any other is that she does not only teach how to perform a detoxification session.

The BM Detox Method teaches you how to analyse water according to its colour, how to recognize which organs have been detoxified, and what excesses are in the organism, in order to make corrections and improve health, energy, and vitality. By doing so you will also be able to generate beauty.
You will be taught how to advise your patient about energy levels, food and supplementation, in order to restore health.

You will then understand why this treatment succeeds in realigning and rebalancing of chakras, and why holistic counselling can be done according to the watercolour analysis, besides other thousand-year-old techniques.
It is a holistic and multifactorial detoxification treatment, for it involves both physical and energetic issues.



BM Detox – Course content


– Detoxification principles
– Alkalinization and health
– Intestine and diseases
– Ageing
– Intoxication signs
– Detoxifying food (food that detoxifies)
– Improving results
– Aesthetic disorders
– Weight loss
– Indications
– Contraindications
– The procedure
– The water
– Analysis
– Diagnosis

The first module is about understanding what detoxification is, how it
happens, when it is necessary. It goes through every issue the detoxification influences, both directly or indirectly.
You will know and understand how the machine works and all its possibilities of usage, besides what the manufacturer offers.

requirement: First Module – by Barbara Moraes
– Chromotherapy
– Meanings
– Organs
– Emotions
– Chakras
– Feet
– Colours and their benefits for aesthetic health and weight loss
– Physical, mental and spiritual health
– Supplementation

The second module has a more integrative approach. It goes beyond physical treatment and diagnosis. Attending this module makes professionals gain the ability to treat patients in a more holistic way. It goes beyond detoxification, and also involves the balancing and energizing of the whole body. During the lesson a complete detoxification process will take place, starting from the detoxification, proceeding to the water analysis, followed by the orientations according to what has been detoxified. We will then look for what disorders or overloads might have occurred, and which organ or tissue might have been affected. We will take preventive measures, supplement and rebalance through thousand-years-old techniques.


Frequently asked questions about BM Detox:

Why do people need detoxification?

Through the decades, along with the development of science, many theories have been written about new sicknesses and laps.
Russian biologist and physiologist Metchnikoff, medicine Nobel prize winner, said in his theory about the chronic poisoning of the body that every type of toxin in the body is going to cause chronic poisoning.
It is the principal cause of diseases and premature senility.
Foreign health specialists affirm that, if a person does not maintain a healthy food and lifestyle (like washing the body many times regularly) he ends up having around 5 kg of accumulated toxins in his body.
We can say that everyone has (some) toxins in his body.
The average person has from 3 kg to 5 kg of toxins scattered in different organs, including all blood, lymph and skin cells.

Famous specialists from Russia and Ukraine reached the following conclusions based on the use of detoxification on many patients for years.
Starting from intestines, they removed one kilogram of excrements. From the liver and the bile duct, they removed 0,5 kilograms of stone, a slice of cholesterol embolism; they took 0,3 kilograms of inorganic salt from every arthrosis; they also took 1,2 kilograms of other sediments produced by drinks, food, chlorine and nitrate, and so on. Lastly, between 3 and 5 kilograms of toxins can be removed from different people’s body). Once the toxins are removed, the weight decreases by 3 – 5 kilograms. Therefore we all need body detoxification in order to maintain a good health.

Does everyone have toxins?

Yes. All the bodies have toxins in different degrees. Toxins come from the environment and food pollution and from the rests of the metabolism.
Since the beginning of life on earth, human beings have needed to breathe, drink and eat. Along with growth, they started to grow old. Therefore we all accumulate toxins as long as we are alive.

Toxins don’t allow blood to flow smoothly. Sugar in the blood, accumulated fat and cholesterol on the wall of the blood vessel can form atherosclerosis, unstable blood pressure, etc.
Too much acid in the blood causes pain and rheumatism.
All these symptoms mean there are too many toxins, and the diseases begin.

What are toxins made of? How do toxins form?

Starting from the food, during the metabolism, the fat content, protein and sugar etc, can produce a waste. It means that food inevitably causes the toxins to form, after the digestion of residual additives and pesticides found in food. Meat, food oil and engorgement are a damage to the digestive system, and the toxins cannot be easily removed. Starting from the environment, every kind of chemical substance, from air pollution to electronic radiation and metals in the body produce harmful toxins.

With nowadays habits, the city’s fast pace of life and lack of sports influence the function of the organs and decrease the ability of self-detoxification. A research shows that accumulated stress provokes endocrinological disorders such as premature senility and diseases.

What is the danger of toxins for the body? Why do we need detoxification?

a. Toxins are bad for the body. They lower the immune system. They can distribute themselves into nerves and neuromuscular junction synopsis, in order to harm the neuron, the centrum and cause for the immune system to get very low. This means it becomes very simple to catch a cold, feel dizziness, night sweats, insomnia, poor memory, numbness of limbs, and so on.

b. Toxins expose the immune system to allergies.

c. Toxins influence the enzymatic system and release collagen and disk elastase. These two types of enzymes interact and make wrinkles on inelastic skins.

d. The same thing happens as it makes the capillary influence more fragile, and the breaking blood vessel easier. This can provoke disease in the heart, and in the blood vessels of the brain. Accumulating toxins to a certain extent is very harmful to our health.

A weaker immune system, making fatigue, endocrine disturbs and stronger blood pressure variations, sugar and fat, etc, sometimes can provoke vital diseases. All these reasons mean we need long-term detoxification.

What kind of toxins will be removed after the use of ion-cleaning?

The main kind of toxins being removed is heavy metals, fat, organic matter and metabolic waste.

Is there any side effect of using the ion-cleaning frequently?

According to three years of American scientific experience, and to the observation of more than 30 millions of users ion-cleaning has no side effects to the body. Your detox therapy consists of using pure water for therapy. The whole process is safe, warm, effective and fast. Customers say they feel very clean and healthy after the detoxification. Any detoxification needs energy so that the amount of toxin removed depends on the health of every person.

For strong people, the cells are easy to remove and can activate more toxins. For weak people, the cell functioning is very weak as well, and it takes a longer time to activate cells so that at first, the toxins will be smaller. The stronger the people are, the more toxins are removed.
The more the treatments, the more toxins will be released.

During detoxification, is there any effect of beautification and health care to get rid of sun spots, acne, age-marks and wrinkles?

Sunspots, acne and age-marks are caused by long-term accumulation of impurities and toxins in the body. Detoxification can remove these toxins in order to recover energy from cells making the skin elastic and free of blemishes. Normally, sugar in the blood can be lowered to its normal level after one or two treatments (the number of treatments depends on every patient’s particular case).

Does the ion have good effects of breaking down fat and reducing its amount in the blood?

Ion has a very good effect after a long use. Throughout the whole process, it needs to consume a lot of energy, burn fat, break down the fat layer and get rid of useless deposit and free radicals. It purifies the blood and body circulation improves the cellular energy.

Is there any age limit for using the ion-cleaning? How many times can I use it?

You must be over 8 years old to use this device. Time and frequency of treatment should be different for different people, 30 minutes for adults and 15 minutes for children. Generally, people under 50 years of age can use it every two days, people over 50 every three days.
The treatment may be continued, with two weeks interval after a treatment.