You must have already heard that “we are what we eat”, right?

We surely did too, and even more: we can avoid or anticipate the development of various diseases caused by food habit throughout life.
Food is not the only important matter. The set of actions that you will find in this e-book are as important as healthy food habits. The first step of all in the process is the DECISION to take care of yourself. You have to truly wish to transform yourself for the better.

For this reason, the first suggested action is to connect your mind to this process. Because the strength of our thought and our daily visualizations keep us focused on whatever goal we really want to achieve in our life.
We developed a program that connects your mind to the goal, looking for lasting and effective results.

21 uninterrupted days is the time it takes for your brain to fully adapt to a new habit of living.

Beyond detoxification, connecting the mind to the goal, meditation, positive affirmations and visualizations, tips on how to speed up metabolism, the importance of hydration and sleep during your weight loss process, a manual with physical activities you can do anywhere, self-massage and skin cleansing. A set of actions tested and approved by thousands of customers, that will deal with you from the inside to the outside in every field.

Concerning WEIGHT LOSING. “Weight Loosing 21” (Emagrecimento 21) is way more than just dieting and physical activity. We created this e-book to assist you.

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